With a complex developed with the customer in mind and growing, CNAlGÉS has the capacity to dry park 300 vessels, and its owners offer access to running water and electricity.
Currently with gantries with capacities of up to 50 tons and 6 meters in beam and also a “trailer” for catamarans up to 50 feet, properly equipped to climb and park your vessel.
We are experts in operating and maneuvering boats safely at our shipyard 24 hours a day to give you the guarantee that your boat will be in good hands. Whether for zinc replacement, washing and installation on trailers or simply for parking, CNALGÉS is your safe haven in Lisbon. We guarantee maximum care for your vessel.
For long-term parking, we provide suitable coverage to protect your vessel. With different specialized services, always with the aim of satisfying all the needs of our customers.
During the parking period, take advantage of the services we have to offer you, from a small repair to a general overhaul, CNALGÉS will leave your boat ready for another season.
We do it in a personalized way, with all the deference that our customers deserve.