Algés, Lisboa

Algés is a parish located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. Well located about 10 km west of the center of Lisbon, on the north bank of the Tejo River.

Algés is known for being a quiet residential area and also for its proximity to the city of Lisbon and its coastline. With easy access to a variety of amenities and the natural environment of the Atlantic coast and Monsanto Forest Park.

Lisbon is a city of contrasts, where tradition and modernity intertwine harmoniously. It’s a place where every corner reveals a story, and every meal is a memorable experience. Whether you want to explore its rich history, enjoy its delicious cuisine or simply relax in the sun, Lisbon awaits you with open arms, ready to captivate your heart and soul.

The largest and most populous metropolitan area in the country, it is also the westernmost capital of the European continent on the Atlantic coast. Being one of the main economic centers on the European continent, thanks to increasing financial progress, favored by a large container port on the Atlantic coast of Europe.

A very old city, full of history and monuments. City of seven hills, dotted with green spaces of varying sizes, has a mild climate all year round. Characterized by its popular neighborhoods with their typical restaurants, where you can enjoy good traditional food and good Portuguese wine to the sound of the unparalleled fado, Lisbon has a lively nightlife where the hospitality of the Portuguese people is felt.

All these aspects, together with its natural luminosity, make this capital one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.

Come and discover the magic of Lisbon and let yourself fall in love with this extraordinary city.