To: Hugo and Pedro and all the wonderful men and women at Sopromar! In Florida, know as “The yachting capital of the world” we have many many boat yards that do the same kind of boat work as does Sopromar. But none of these yards in Florida come even close to Sopromar. We think as the Sopromar as the ultimate in yacht service, not only is all the work superior, but everyone who does this work is very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.All work that Sopromar did for us on “Kandarik” is perfect. You have our utmost respect and heartfelt THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT BOAT YARD.Our only wish is that Sopromar would come to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH from the “Kandarik” and Pam and Andy Wall.

Pam and Andy Wall